Wild Swimming and Snorkelling Trips

We run regular boat trips out of St Abbs harbour to swim and snorkel around the stunning coastline. The rugged coastline of St Abbs head makes a stunning place to open water swim and snorkel with Stingray providing safety cover. Sally is an experienced snorkeller, dive instructor and Level 2 STA Open Water Swimming Coach and will accompany you on our trip. 

Our Trips

We offer a 2 hour trip from St Abbs harbour to take snorkellers and swimmers out around the famous St Abbs head with its cliffs and gullies. Sites will vary depending on the tides and weather but with miles of unspoilt coastline there is always new places to explore.
We will be snorkelling and swimming from Stingray which has a lift on the back for safe entry and exit of the water. There is also a toilet and hot drinks and biscuits are provided. We can carry 12 passengers and there is plenty of space for getting changed and warm after being in the water. You will be able to do as little or as much time in the water as you are comfortable with.
The trip will be accompanied by Sally who is an experienced snorkeller, British Sub Aqua Club diving instructor and STA Level 2 Open Water swimming coach.

What you need to know

Who is the trips for? These trip would best suit those who already have some experience snorkelling and open water swimming and are reasonably water confident. Non-swimmers are welcome to join as passengers and enjoy the scenery.

What is the age limit on these trips?: We would recommend that any children are over 12 years old but if you have a confident water baby just let us know.

What should I wear?: The waters around St Abbs range from 8oC-14oC so we advise wetsuits for all snorkellers and a hood to help keep the head a bit warmer. We have wetsuits, boots & hoods for hire for an additional £15 so please add this to your booking if you require equipment. For swimmers we leave this to your own judgement and experience of cold water swimming but would ask that you do have some form of bouyancy either wetsuit or swim bouy in case of an emergency.

What other kit should I bring?: You can get changed on the boat so please bring a towel and plenty of warm clothes. We do have hot drinks on board. The ticket price does include use of masks, fins and snorkels. For swimmers please bring bright coloured hats and tow floats if possible.

Kit included: There are masks, fins and snorkels available on the boat as well as snorkelling life-vests.

Where do I get on the boat?: You will board the boat at St Abbs harbour please be aware that depending on the tide there may be ladders to climb to get on the boat. We will be there to offer any assistance