Terms & Conditions

St Abbs Charters and Stingray are part of Wright Diving (Scotland) Ltd.

Liability: The vessel Stingray is insured for third party liability while you are on the vessel, you are not insured when in the water. We are not responsible for any of your equipment if you damage it on Stingray or lose it in the water. Equipment can be placed under the seats and valuables can be placed in the wheelhouse.

Diving: We do not check divers qualifications please remember that diving has the potential of been a hazardous sport, you should be trained to the depth that you are diving to. Divers are responsible for their own dive plan. All dives to be no longer than 60 minutes, leaving surface to arriving surface unless agreed with the skipper.

Swimming & Snorkelling: We do not check any qualifications please remember that open water swimming and snorkelling has the potential of been a hazardous sport, you should be a competent swimmer and be aware of your own swimming limits. By joining this trip you do so at your own risk. We will provide water safety cover where required and ask that the equipment must be worn for safety reasons.

Cancellations: A full refund will be given if the trip is cancelled more than 2 weeks in advance. If cancelling within 2 weeks of the trip start date, the full trip balance will be payable. However please give us a call to discuss as we know life is complicated and we may be able to fill your spaces.

All our activities are weather and tide dependent. We reserve the right to change dive sites or departure times according to weather and operational requirements. Due to inclement weather we might have to cancel, this could be at short notice. Wright Diving (Scotland) Ltd is not responsible or liable for any external costs for example: accommodation, travel and gas, mixtures and parking. We will refund any payments if we need to cancel. Please look at the St Abbs Charters Facebook page to see the weather report, we will also contact you 24 hours in advance by email/text so please ensure we have the correct contact information.